American Surveying & Engineering, Ltd. (ASE) is a full-service A/E firm that offers a variety of professional services. ASE was established by Coventine Fidis in 1978 as American Surveying Consultants. Its corporate office is in Chicago with branch offices in Naperville and Dixon, Illinois. ASE employs Professional Land Surveyors and Professional Engineers, who are supported by Environmental experts, GISPs, Appraisers, Negotiators, Professional Office Support and experienced Field Crews. Our land surveyors are licensed in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, South Dakota, Texas, and Wisconsin. ASE engineers are licensed in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Michigan.

ASE embraces cutting edge technology, allowing us to deliver high-quality data that satisfies the needs of clients working on complex transportation or utility corridors in an efficient and cost-saving manner. ASE owns and operates a Mobile LiDAR unit, which allows us to obtain design-grade survey data at highway speeds in addition to operating sUAV systems that allow us to capture topographic data from the air. Another highlight is Hydrographic/Bathymetric services. While we maintain numerous water craft the crown of our fleet is the Research Vessel Abe Lincoln, a state of the art bathymetric surveying vessel equipped with Single and Multi-Beam Echosounding and Side Scan Sonar. Our commitment to utility locating led us to offering all levels of Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE). We can provide the SUE Level B, and SUE Level A with either our Airvac or Hydrovac trucks. These are just a few examples of ASE’s commitment to innovative technology.

Over the years, ASE has evolved into a broader service engineering firm that offers hydraulic analysis and design, roadway engineering, land acquisition services, civil site design, environmental reports, studies and regulatory permitting, construction inspection, and utility location and investigations.

Our survey expertise includes traditional survey techniques, terrestrial and mobile 3D LiDAR, bathymetric surveys, use of UAVs to collect data from the air, and underground utility investigations/location. We have a long history performing topographic, right of way, and land survey services for roadway and utility projects of all sizes from long corridors in rural settings to busy streets in Chicago. 

With our clients’ needs in mind, we have continued to grow our land acquisition department to include appraisers, negotiators, and relocation specialists. This allows us to perform the survey needs for Right of Way Engineering projects by providing the existing conditions along with boundary data, plats, legal descriptions and title information, and then continue the process through to conclusion, which might include the need for fee takes, eminent domain takes or the establishment of easements.

Our engineers are experts in hydraulic analysis and design, and we have knowledge in the permitting process with a variety of regulatory agencies. ASE has the requisite experience in road and street design that includes alignment studies, highway geometrics, roadway drainage, and plan preparation consistent with DOT requirements. Our civil design staff continues to grow and gain invaluable experience in projects of all sizes. We have many success stories of where we designed improvements for municipal and DOT agencies.


Meet our Leadership Team

Coventine Fidis, PLS

States Licensed: IL, IN, IA, MI, MN, WI, OH
With ASE since 1978 (founded firm)

Mr. Fidis is the President, and CEO of American Surveying & Engineering, P.C. Mr. Fidis relies on five decades of experience in his supervision of projects and staff. He is also a proven industry leader in integrating new technology into ASE’s workflows.

John Urban

Chief Financial Officer
With ASE since 2015

Mr. Urban manages ASE’s accounting department. Mr. Urban has a proven track record of accomplishment in financial management and business development for multiple professional service firms.

Mark Wood, PLS

Vice President of Operations – Chicago
States Licensed: IL
With ASE since 1989

Mr. Wood oversees the ASE Chicago office and all projects within the Chicago Metropolitan Area. Management responsibilities include marketing, acquisition of projects, project negotiation and maintenance, and operations.

Craig Duy, PLS

Vice President of Operations – Naperville
States Licensed: IL, AZ, CA, TX, SD
With ASE since 2013

Mr. Duy has over thirty years of professional land surveying experience. Mr. Duy’s expertise covers all phases of land surveying and mapping for transportation and land development projects.

Paul Stanton, PLS

Vice President of Operations – Dixon
States Licensed: IL
With ASE since 1986

With ASE since 1986, Mr. Stanton is the manager of the Dixon office and all projects outside the Chicago Metropolitan Area. Responsibilities include project management, client interactions, and project negotiations.

John Dybas, PLS

Survey Manager
States Licensed: IL, IN, KY, MO, IA
With ASE since 1989

Mr. Dybas is the Survey Manager for projects in the greater Chicago Metropolitan Area. He is responsible for field procedures and technical direction of party chiefs, office and field calculations, and acts as Lead Mobile LiDAR and Bathymetric Data Capture Specialist.

Steven Rienks, PE, PMP

Director of Engineering
States Licensed: IL, IN, MI, WI
With ASE since 2007

Mr. Rienks is the QA/QC Manager of ASE SUE projects. He is responsible for the review and finalization of ASE SUE Projects and Work Orders. Incorporates compliance to the project-specific quality control and quality assurance procedures and ensures compliance with project specific Safety Plans

Tom Sanderson, PE

Vice President of Engineering - Chicago
States Licensed: IL, IN, IA, MI
With ASE since 2008

Mr. Sanderson’s professional background encompasses over twenty years of consulting engineering design experience. He is also ASE’s lead project manager for Subsurface Utility Engineering projects in the Chicago Metropolitan area.

Jay Howell, PE

Vice President of Engineering
States Licensed: IL
With ASE since 2012

Mr. Howell joined ASE in 2012 after 32 years as the Acting Engineer of Program Development for IDOT District 2. The Engineer of Program Development is the highest ranking Design Engineer at a District and supervises all environmental, Phase I, Phase II and Land Acquisition activities.

William McWethy, PE

Hydraulic Engineering Manager
States Lincensed: IL
With ASE since 2014

Mr. McWethy brings 37-years of experience with IDOT District 2. From 2001 to 2014, he was the District Hydraulics Unit Chief and before that he was a Construction Field Engineer. He provides ASE with a wealth of project experience in hydraulic design, roadway design, and construction management.

Tom Balser

Vice President of Business Development
With ASE since 2005

Mr. Balser began his career with ASE in the 1980s as a crew chief, and after eight years with IDOT District 2 as Bureau Chief of Administrative Services, he returned to the firm to manage its Business Development staff. His duties include overseeing the proposal department, spearheading marketing initiatives, and maintaining relationships with clients.




  • Our Approach
  • Our Pre-Qualifications
  • Our MBE/DBE Certifications
  • Social Media

American Surveying & Engineering depends on its staff of professional experts using not only experience but also reliable, cutting-edge technology to deliver the highest-quality service to our clients. Technology used with a sound base of experience saves time and effort, which in turn saves our clients cost and ensures critical schedules are met.


Here is a list of all our Illinois DOT prequalifications:
  • Hydraulic Reports – Waterways: Typical
  • Special Services – Surveying
  • Special Services – Sanitary
  • Highways – Roads and Streets
  • Special Studies – Location Drainage
  • Hydraulic Reports – Waterways: Complex
  • Hydraulic Reports – Waterways: Typical
  • Special Services – Subsurface Utility Engineering
  • Special Services – Construction Inspection
In Iowa, we are prequalified by the DOT in:
  • 311 – Land Surveying
  • 312 – Engineering Surveying
  • 313 – Geodetic Surveying
  • 319 – Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)
ASE is a minority-owned firm with the following MBE (Minority Business Enterprise)/DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) certifications:
  • DBE certified by the Illinois Department of Transportation
  • MBE certified with the City of Chicago
  • MBE certification with Cook County
  • MBE certified with the Chicago Minority Business Supplier Development Council
  • MBE/BEP certified with the Illinois Department of Central Management Services
  • MBE/PCE certified with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
  • MBE certified with the Wisconsin Department of Commerce
  • DBE certified with Wisconsin Department of Transportation
  • DBE certified with Iowa Department of Transportation
  • DBE certified with Indiana Department of Transportation



American Surveying & Engineering, Ltd. (ASE) offers a variety of professional services. ASE, which was established in 1978 as American Surveying Consultants, has its corporate office in Chicago and branch offices in Naperville and Dixon, Illinois.

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Let ASE work with you to provide project solutions that exceed your expectations. We offer unique solutions to every project that saves time and money.
Innovative approaches to everday tasks allow you to get your data sooner at less cost.  


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