ASE engineers have over four decades of experience to civil site design projects with added knowledge in hydraulic and roadway engineering. Our team of engineers have tackled a variety of projects over the last decade. Working with numerous governmental agencies through design and permitting gives us the experience to apply a realistic approach to engineering consulting. ASE works closely with our clients, architects, and other design professionals for a complete project. Our engineers are willing to take that extra step to ensure all parties are pleased with the final product.
Our hydraulic engineers are experienced in IDOT Standards, and incorporate that knowledge in every project. Our hydraulic software experience includes: XPSWIM, HEC-RAS, TR-20, Rational Method, and HY8.
Our approach to storm water management or localized flooding issues starts with obtaining and reviewing record historical flood data, mapping, and past-flooding incident records. ASE’s staff will also take into consideration right-of-way availability, utility impacts, and satisfy regulatory permitting rules.
ASE has a strong relationship with regulatory agencies that grant permits for many types of projects. Some of our existing relationships include the Metropolitan Water Reclamation Group of Greater Chicago (MWRDGC), IDOT, Cook County Division of Transportation, Federal and State Environmental Protection Agencies, the Illinois State Tollway Highway Authority, and the United States Army Corp of Engineers. ASE strive to ensure that projects will not be interrupted by required permits by starting the process early in the planning stage.


We have also done extensive Civil Engineering work on these selected projects:

More examples of Civil Engineering projects are available upon request.

  • MWRDGC Stormwater Managment
  • Hydraulic Design for IDOT R2D2
  • Sanitary Sewer & Water Main Design, Touhy Avenue, Des Plaines
  • Campsite Design, Cook County Forest Preserve District
MWRDGC Stormwater Management Phase II Planning and Design Services

ASE provided professional engineering services to assist the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (District) with Stormwater Management Phase II Planning and Design Services.  ASE’s extensive knowledge and related work experience with stormwater management design in both Cook County and within the City of Chicago allowed ASE to perform the duties of Deputy Project Manager.  The team developed various stormwater management project design plans to address localized flooding based on input and solutions proposed by the various municipal and other governmental agencies.

We reviewed, analyzed, and evaluated these proposals based on their ability to provide the required benefits needed to achieve the reduction and elimination of the localized flooding. ASE developed alternative solutions, considered the use of green infrastructure devices where feasible to provide infiltration and volume reduction and water quality enhancements in addition to the overall goal of flood reduction. These project alternatives were reviewed for selection based on their feasibility and their cost effectiveness with reducing flooding and the overall benefits achieved.

Other considerations included necessary right-of-way availability, major utility impacts, and the ability to satisfy regulatory permitting rules. Following coordination with the stakeholders and selection of the chosen plan, contract design plans were developed utilizing detailed survey, environmental, and geotechnical design services as required. Pre-final plans, including possible structural design plan details and a detailed soil erosion and sediment control plan with possible in-stream water management construction plan were sent with permit applications to the various regulatory permitting agencies.

Hydraulic Analysis in  IDOT R2D2

Performing duties as Hydraulic Engineering Manager, ASE conducted hydraulic analysis in Joe Daviess, Henry, Rock Island and Winnebago Counties.  ASE developed the hydrology using Rational or TR 20 method, depending upon whichever was appropriate per site. The hydraulic models used were HY-8 or TR 20. ASE designed roadway ditches for capacity and any necessary ditch linings based on computed shear stresses. ASE designed the culvert erosion protection using BDE Figure 41-2.F and District Standard 19.4, and ASE designed outlet protection. The sites in the project include:

ASE assembled an Abbreviated Hydraulic Report at each site using D2 Abbreviated Hydraulic Report Checklist for guidance.
Sanitary Sewer and Water Main Design, Touhy Avenue, Des Plaines

ASE provided sanitary sewer and water main design on Touhy Avenue. ASE completed the following tasks to complete this project.

  • Coordinated the new sanitary sewer and water main design with other project elements. Elements included existing topography, existing utilities, proposed storm sewers, proposed structures, proposed geometric plan and profile information, rail and stream crossings, future tollway ramp crossings, and other proposed utilities along this common corridor.
  • Designed the new mains to meet Des Plaines and IDOT standards.
  • Coordinated the staging for the utility construction with the roadway and other utility improvements so that existing water and sewer remain in service during the process.
  • Coordinated fire protection services.
  • Assisted the mechanical and structural engineers on the Lift Station Design.
  • Determined hydrant and valve locations.
  • Designed casing requirements and limits for the various crossings.
  • Prepared a bill of material and sequencing schedule as required.
  • Determined pavement patch locations, sizes, expected depths, etc. for standard IDOT planning (if any).
  • Prepared IEPA water permit applications for both Sewer and Water.
  • Prepared any Special Provisions needed.
  • Prepared Quantities and Estimate for the proposed work.
  • Addressed comments received from agencies including Des Plaines, Cook County Department of Transportation, IDOT, MWRD, the Tollway, and utility companies.
  • Coordinated potential additional Des Plaines Sanitary Sewer and Water improvements along Mt. Prospect Road.
  • Performed utility coordination for outside related relocations such as NICOR, ComEd, AT&T, and similar entities.
Provided CADD support for incorporation of utility relocation design into the Touhy Engineering plan set.
Civil Engineering Services for Forest Preserve District of Cook County

ASE performed professional civil engineering design services for the Forest Preserve District of Cook County at existing park facilities across Cook County as the civil engineering consultant to the project architect.  ASE was hired as the Civil Engineer in coordination of utilities, roadway geometrics, and utility design. Services included cost estimates and comparisons for different utility alternatives.  ASE provided designs for gravity sewer, forced main sewer, subsurface effluent disposals, public water systems and well water options. We provided civil engineering designs for different utility routing, types, and methods to ensure a cost effective and complete utility package and innovative alternatives for providing utility services to park facilities.  ASE worked closely with permitting agencies to guarantee approval and established relationships with permitting personnel for permitting processes, applications and scheduling.  ASE staff designed roadway geometrics, drainage and erosion control measures that complied with local, state and federal standards.  All design activities were coordinated with utility owners, code enforcement agencies and team members.


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